December 29th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

CatGenie Progress 5

Well, the sprinkling of granules didn't make a difference. I'd gone to bed but was awake and had an idea. I got back up and put on yesterday's clothes and shoes and then completely cleaned the truly disgusting litterbox. I didn't wash it, so it would still smell like a litterbox, but I got all the cat litter out. Then I put a narrow layer of granules in, and put it back where it was, next to the CatGenie. As soon as I came out, Giorgio went in and peed. I hope that Spirit will also accept it, and then I can transfer the solids to the CatGenie, rinse the granules through a filter, dry them, and put them aside to use as I need to refill the box.

What gave me this idea was Cheryl's post in rasff -- that cats don't always recognize the CatGenie as a litterbox -- so I'm hoping that if they recognize the granules, the transfer to the CatGenie will happen.

I'll be very happy if there's more output in the litterbox in the morning. I'm going to finish this bottle of water and go back to bed.
20111112, Marilee

Day of Strange

So at 10am I'm awakened by the smell of the litterbox. The good news is that everybody has used it with just the granules in it. The bad news is I'd forgotten how awful old pee smells because I've used clumping litter for so long.

I initiated my planned moving & cleaning and ran the CatGenie. It's been used by everybody today. Yaaaay!

Things have been pushed back all week, so next I took out, in five trips: 1. my coat, a package and DVD for the post office, 2. the rolling crate with two weeks of newspapers and half the trash, 3. the other half of the trash, the plastic recycling, and a bag of styofoam pieces, 4. a very large collapsed cardboard box, and 5. a slightly smaller cardboard box fill with more collapsed cardboard. I had to sit and rest a couple of times to get my heart rate back.

So I went up to the accessible dumpster and put the trash in the dumpster and the papers and plastic in the marked bins. I went to the post office where I popped the DVD in the slot, but had to wait for two people in front of me to use the machine. The first one had trouble with English and her little boy kept trying to go out the door while she wasn't watching. I showed her how to make the machine print to her in Spanish. The second one had six bubble mailers to send, but she knew what she was doing. I got mine out and headed to Public Works where I put the collapsed box and the box full of other collapsed boxes into the dumpsters.

Then I headed up to Kaiser Fair Oaks to pick up my new glasses. It's usually about a 20-minute drive, but it was 40 today because there was so much traffic, even in the middle of the day. As I got there, the entry was blocked by cones and there were lots of people out on the sidewalks -- I thought it might be a protest-- so I turned into the shopping center entrance next and turned back to get to Kaiser. Then I noticed the colored flags and the folks in medical clothes. They had a fire alarm and had evacuated. I started to pull ahead a bit to park in the shopping center (which is verboten, Kaiser people have to park in Kaiser's garage) when an authoritative guy came up waving at me and asked me to stop right where I was, in the middle of the two lanes, to block traffic from coming through. I did that (turned the car off) and he put a cone in front of the van. Two fire engines arrived and after about 15 minutes, we got the all-clear. The guy waved people back in, and the people in the cars behind me honked and then got out and started yelling at me. I told them that the people went in first, then the cars went into the garage (common sense, you'd think). They were still yelling when the authoritative guy (Mike, facilities manager, I found out later) came and told them just to get back in their cars and wait. He'd let us know when the people were in and we could go. He did that and I went into the garage and parked and went up to vision services.

I got my nice new red glasses fitted and headed past my exit on the Interstate to the one near PetSmart and got more wet food for the cats. I decided to eat at Chili's, in the same shopping center, and ordered a hamburger (going over my protein limit, but it stopped me being nauseated). I was sitting there folding cranes and thinking about how this is the 23rd anniversary of the day I broke my ankle so badly which precipitated everything else that's wrong with me when someone walking by said "Marilee?" I looked up and said "Beki?" It was someone I haven't seen in 20 years and she's only seen me 200 pounds lighter. I couldn't believe she recognized me. She introduced me to her fiance (who will be at least her fifth husband, she quite possibly had more in those twenty years), and told me about her life. Boy, that was odd.

Then I came home and took a nap. I really needed it. I may nap again before I finish online.