December 25th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

News Nuggets

1. An able-bodied guy who parked in a handicapped spot in Union, SC, was sentenced to stand near the handicapped spots wearing a sign that says "I am not handicapped. I just parked there, sorry."

2. The 2006 population estimate shows that so many people have moved out of Louisiana that they'll lose a representative in Congress. The 2010 count is what will actually be used.

3. Georgia's former director of elections divisions has taken a lobbying job with Diebold Election Systems, the company that made the GA voting machines. In federal jobs, people can't lobby for two years after they leave their fed job.

4. Locally, there's been a big deal about a woman who lost control of her car and went into a pond. A middle-school supervisor got there first and got the baby (in carseat) out onto the roof and then the woman got out and on the roof. A passing firefighter waded in and carried the baby out over his head and the women waded after him. This is being lauded as a Christmas miracle, but nobody does more than mention that she was talking on her cell phone when she lost control. This is her fault and there's not a word of that.
20111112, Marilee


Not exactly the same kind of artistes, but still.

The National Portrait Gallery is having an exhibition on Josephine Baker.

Indiscretion a novel by Jude Morgan is supposed to be as close to a Jane Austen novel as possible. The WashPost review subhead: "A writer crafts a novel that almost matches the 19th-century original's sense and sensibility."

James Brown died early this morning.
20111112, Marilee

CatGenie Progress 2

Well, nobody has obviously used it since yesterday, although I'm not sure I'd know if they peed. I decided to start it and shut the door so they would see that it magically gets clean. It took much longer to finish and I think it's because of the long length of hose coiled under the machine. I'm tempted to cut it to just what I need (and keep the long part to splice in case I move) and see how that works.