December 20th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Cat stuff

The Cat Genie came last night and I made the smart decision to wait until after the cleaning lady leaves to work on clearing space, moving the stacked washer & dryer to get to the water & drain, and setting up. I kept telling myself I could do it all last night but I knew I couldn't. The lading says the package weighs 36 pounds and the CatGenie itself is 25, but breaks into two pieces: 11 and 14 pounds so I should be able to handle those. I think it will probably take me into tomorrow to get everything together and back in place. Then we'll see how the kitties like it.

Tiger, the neighbor's cat who always wants to come in and desperately wants to be petted, came to the sliding glass doors about 30 minutes ago and the cleaning lady is here. He was fascinated by her. He probably thinks she lives here now.

I've started watching "Carnivale." The first episode starts with a declaration that when the bomb went off at Trinity, reason replaced magic. This takes place in the 1930s so there's magic. That statement is enough for me to go with the magic.