December 14th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Billy Graham's Amusement Park, The Duke, and a Dream

Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, is getting on in years. His wife plans to be buried in a quiet place near Asheville, by a chapel. His younger son would like him to be buried there, too. However, the older son, now in charge of the company, is building an evangelical amusement park and wants Billy to be buried there. Near the talking life-size cow.

David Duke, former KKK leader and Louisiana state representative has hied himself to the anti-Holocaust conference put on by the Iranian President. Just showin' his colors.

I dreamed that I was in a school for rebellious people and I still managed to rebel even when the others were ready to give in. My partners in rebellion were John Goodman and Bob Newhart. I dunno.