December 10th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Donnie Darko, Director's Cut

Netflix lists the genre of this movie as "Independent," but it's clearly SF, and pretty good SF, at that. Donnie Darko, a teenager in Virginia (shot entirely in California), appears to be delusional and when he reads an unusual book about time travel, strange things start to happen. There's a lot of ideas you have to grab yourself in this movie, unless you're part of the cult that watches it over and over again.

I also watched the beginning of each item on the Bonus Disc and it made me lose the sensawonda from the movie, so I'm going to put the movie back on the bottom of my queue and watch it again. I enjoyed it very much.
20111112, Marilee


We're going to be in the 50s for a week, which will be much nicer, particularly since I have doctors appts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I don't like to carry too much stuff around at those. We've had cardinals at the feeder at dusk for several days and the boys can still see them clearly. Spirit is not so sure.

My dream last night had me owning a condo in a high rise attached to a retail/market complex. But every time I came back to my condo, it had changed its position and where the doors where. I was handling that okay until the woman who in real life had been my foster child showed up with a small child and started making things crazy. That child is 16 now, so I don't think this is predictive!