December 2nd, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Sleep, Dear Sleep

Too much sleep! After I went to bed last night I had a muscle in my left lower back spasm so I got up and sat in the recliner with the heat & massage for a while, and then went to bed. I couldn't make up for the lost sleep because electronic recycling closes at noon so I got out of bed and could barely walk -- that muscle had spasmed again. I went ahead and took the stuff to recycling and had my traditional Saturday Pizza Hut lunch and then came home to try sleeping in the recliner with the heat and massage, but my legs started seizing. I have meds for both of those -- I usually take them before I got to bed -- and I decided to take them and go to bed at 12:30pm, knowing I'd sleep a long time. Indeed, I got up at 5:30pm and I still have a twinge in my back, but it's not spasming. I'll need to take extra meds tonight again, but I don't have to go anywhere on Sundays.

The parade made the usual traffic jams and people shouting at the police blocking the way. There were a lot of cars parked, so it should be a good day in Old Town. Most places have Black Friday; here in Old Town Manassas, the Christmas Parade day is the start of our big shopping season.
20111112, Marilee

Brain Plague by Joan Slonczewski

The basis for this book is that a tiny (requires microscope) people have been discovered and if you let them live in your brain, they'll help you. A starving artist wants the money from the experiment and chooses to have the micros put in her brain and doesn't ask enough questions. Things go wrong, then worse, then really bad. I found the micros very believable, a reasonable extrapolation from current science, as might be expected from Slonczewski. However, just about everything else in the book was not very believable, from the society to the government to how the micros were handled. I was uneasy through most of the book because things were so unlikely and then at the end, one of the characters suddenly finds out that the guy she's been in love with is [gasp] in love with her. Nothing like ending with a Harlequin. I think I might have enjoyed this story more if it had been written from the micro viewpoint.