November 23rd, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Slippers! and Dreams

I finally remembered what I wanted to post about. When Macy's took over Hechts, I was unhappy because I liked Hechts, and because it was the only place I could get four pair of Dearfoam booties on sale at the end of the year (four last me a year -- I'm home most of the time). I was right, Macy's isn't having them, so I googled a good bit and found them at Penney's at the best price. I used to get them from Hechts for $7.99/pair this time of year. From Penney's they were $12.99/pair, and places like Amazon had them at full price for $19.99/pair. So at least I'm not paying full price, but they're not as cheap as before, either.

All my dreams the last few days have involved guns. I think this is partly because of what I'm reading and what I'm seeing on TV.