November 13th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Leghold, Crash, and Dream

Ever since Shiva came to live with us Thanksgiving 2001, he and Giorgio have had a touchy relationship while I take meds in the morning. It frequently ends with Shiva slapping at Giorgio to make him back off and stop trying to headbutt. Well, this morning, Shiva grabbed Giorgio with both front paws around my leg! I said "Hey!" and he backed off, but for a minute, I thought the leg might get slapped, too.

I was coming home from the Giant and couldn't turn onto the road our development is off because a motorcycle officer was blocking it. I went around the long way to come in the other end and right after our street came off, there's a hill. There was a Fedex truck in the right lane at the top of the hill and many many flashing lights just past it. I bet someone just went around the truck and ran head-on into someone who was in the proper lane. I've seen some close calls. There's a construction company at the top of the hill and they frequently have big delivery trucks that sit in the right lane for a while.

Last night I dreamed that I was raising a batch of really big butterflies. I charged admission to see them, and when they died, they became like metal and I could make them into walls and glass and doors and so forth and make another house for people to live in. Every generation brought another house.