November 10th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Bad Delivery Man, Nephrologist, Dream

I got my monthly Peapod delivery last night and as I opened the door to the driver, I said "You parked in the handicapped spot." He shrugged. I said "That's illegal." He shrugged again. I said "That's actually my spot, but my van is in the shop today." He said "I'm just there for two seconds" and I told him it didn't matter, it's illegal, and asked what he would have done if I'd come home during the five minutes he was pulling groceries. He said he would have moved. That sounds good, but I've been through this with other able-bodied opportunistic people -- I have to park somewhere else, get them to move, then move my van. There's a *reason* I have a handicapped spot and a ramp -- a *reason* I have Peapod deliver food! He said "I can't believe you're
arguing about this" as he left. So I booted the computer up again and wrote a complaint to Peapod. I have the receipt email, but it will be a few days before they respond.

The first thing I did today was to move my upstairs neighbor's car -- the roof on the building across the way is being reroofed and they were carefully throwing stuff down in front of his car. He's legally blind so I'm not sure why he's keeping the car, but I was sure he didn't want it there, and indeed, he was happy for me to move it. First time I've driven a car with a remote unlock/lock.

I headed off for my regular appt with my nephrologist and we're going to do some labs more often because some of my labs are higher than my usual range and I have some protein in my urine. I got to read the CAT scan report which is fine for all my abdomen, including the liver. I've been worried all this time for nothing. They were upset that my right kidney is small and misshapen, but it's been that way since the open kidney biopsy in 1987. I mentioned to her that I think I had a teeny tiny little TIA early Wednesday morning and she lectured me and insisted I see the primary, so I have an appt Tuesday. I'm in the Medicare Plan D donut hole; I can't afford Plavix just as a precaution and I'm going to explain that clearly as many times as I have to when I see the primary. I got my flu shot, too.

Last night I dreamed again that I was a healer. I tried just touching people, like the folks in rasfc recommended when I mentioned this the last time, but it didn't work. I had to touch them for a while, so I couldn't do it anonymously and eventually people with guns tried to kidnap me again.