November 7th, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Flat Tire, Election Papers, Strange Veins

What a day! And I've only been up for six hours so far! I was going to go do labs and mail a package at the post office and then come back and pick up my upstairs neighbor (who is legally blind) to go vote. So, carrying my package, I head out to the car only to find a completely flat tire. I come back in, call USAA's contract roadside people and am assured that someone will be here in 45 minutes. I figure we'll go vote first and then I'll run errands. I wait for an hour and call again. He's been delayed, he'll be here in 30 minutes. I wait another hour. I get a call from the tech, who is coming from far north in the county north of mine. He wants directions because he's never been in my county before. I call roadside again and suggest they send someone else because I would like to actually leave the house at some time. She calls their service and finds out the time problems have been because the first tech had an accident (not hurt, but not available, either) and they're sending a tech from the other county. He finally shows up three hours after I called. He cheerfully changed the tire in the rain and we discussed the elections. I said I was voting all Democratic this time and he said he was voting all Republican, but why was I voting Democratic? I started telling him why I was voting for Webb, and he said "Oh, I'm voting for Webb! He was a marine and I'm going into the Marines!" I explained that Webb was a Democrat, but I was glad he was voting for him.

My neighbor Luke and I head out to the elections and for the first time, he is not able to use the touchscreen even with his lighted magnifier, so we filled out an Assistant form for me and he handed me the index card he had his choices on and I voted for him, verifying each step. The precinct was busier than I've seen it in 15 years.

I dropped him off at home and headed out to the post office (that was painless, I used the machine) and then to the lab. Turned out my primary hadn't made the lipids a standing order, so I had to have him asked to do that while I waited. Then there was a new phlebotomist and he didn't manage the good vein in my right arm. One of the regular phlebotomists was watching over and finally said to move to my left arm, where the vein is not as good, but is more obvious.

Now I am finally home, had something to eat, and would have liked a nap, but I only have two VCRs so I have to stay awake. I arranged to take the van to the shop tomorrow to get the tire fixed and since we're close to December, the normal state inspection month, I'll have them do the inspection and the other annual maintenance.
20111112, Marilee

Football Daddy Dearest

We have these area football leagues that then play each other and play other league winners and so forth. One of the league owners, it turns out, put together his league only so his son could play defense. He told the coaches of his son's team (12-14 year-olds) that his son plays every minute on defense. Well, their final league game, the coaches put the kid on offense and everybody agrees that's why they won that game and made it into the overall playoffs.

Daddy gets home from a trip and finds out his son played offense and fires the coaches. The players refuse to go to the playoffs without their coaches. Daddy says Fine. The parents back their kids. Daddy still says Fine. After a couple of days, the team is offered an unofficial playoff against one of the other teams, with their coaches, and Daddy relents. The kids are glad they're playing and with their coaches, but it's not the official playoff they could have had.