October 31st, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Landscaping and Dream

I was reading the paper when a condo board member came by with the VP of the landscaping company. She was telling him wrong things, so I stepped out on the porch and gently corrected her. I also pointed out some other problems we would be having soon (we have a giant pine tree that was planted too close to the building so it has shallow roots and will be going down in the next big storm -- better to bring it down controlled) and recommended that the board draw up a list of approved plants that homeowners can buy and plant on their own (like we did when I was president...). She seemed very receptive.

Last night's dream was odd. There were two large stone pillars guarding the entrance to a bay & harbor. One family lived in one pillar and my family lived in the other. Traditionally, in each generation, one member of each family married the other in order to maintain control to the bay. But when I was small, my generation in the other family fell sick and died. When I came of age, I had to convince both families that I could maintain the control myself and pass that control on to the next generation. There was a lot of infighting, but I won. The pillars had lots of cool features to hide out or move secretly.