April 21st, 2006

20111112, Marilee

Teranesia by Greg Egan

I read this immediately after Adventures in Time and Space... and they both talked about superposition, eigenstates, and the Many Worlds Interpretation. Otherwise, they were very different books. A boy on an island with his scientist parents and infant sister is caught in a civil war. Both parents die and he must save his sister. He does, but with many guilty feelings and when she opts to go back to the island to investigate genetic mutations that seem similar to what their parents were studying, he follows her. I didn't completely buy his rationale for guilt at the end, but it was still a moving book with war, science, and relationships all served.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's June

This issue seemed focused on future media, and I didn't enjoy those stories very much. They seemed too defined, not enough unknowns. I did like:

1. Life on the Preservation by Jack Skillingstead - when the Earth is devastated, a time-loop protects Seattle and a young girl is sent in to make Seattle just as devastated as everywhere else.

2. The Tiger in the Garden by Scott William Carter - humans on a small poor planet deal with patronizingly superior aliens.

3. The Edge of the Map by Ian Creasy - what if there really are dragons out there?

4. A Flight of Numbers Fantastique Strange by Beth Bernobich - a demented young woman tells her secret, but it's in numbers that only her brother can understand.
20111112, Marilee

Four for Tomorrow by Roger Zelazny

This is our book for tomorrow's SF book group and in some ways, I'm sorry I read it again. The four stories -- The Furies, The Graveyard Heart, The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and A Rose for Ecclesiastes -- feel old. They are, about 40 years old, but none of them impressed me the way they did the first, second, probably third, time around, even Rose.