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Barely Moving

Me and Shiva. He has the attitude -- he's still really mad at me -- but I was able to get the pain med in just on the bed (only has to go in the mouth, not down the throat). And the dental vet just called and the woman at the desk gave me the wrong two things to watch -- it's attitude and elimination. It's okay if he doesn't eat or drink until Saturday, even. He's definitely been eliminating (had an IV during surgery). So I went down to tell him that and he'd had some of the very watery AD slurry I'd taken down earlier.

He shed like crazy yesterday so I furminated him and misted the area with water and thought I got all the fur under control. But when I went to bed, I got hair in both eyes and had to take generic Benadryl, so I got up late and had trouble walking from walking so much yesterday. I had too much to do, though, so I did it.

I took trash and recycling out, then got more snackies at PetSmart and had lunch/dinner at Chili's. A friend told me the Big Mouth Bites (sliders) were really good and Chili's is in the same shopping center. I saw them as a platter, but with both onion straws and french fries, so I looked at the appetizers and ordered the appetizer (came with onion straws) plus a house salad. The server asked if I wanted the platter instead and I decided just to say no instead of explaining I'd purposely ordered that way to get the salad instead of the fries. They were very good, but the onion straws were amazing.

A friend came by to tell me that the reason I wasn't seeing feral cats anymore is because we have a group of coyotes in the woods behind the buildings (about 20 feet). The woods go linearly for miles following the sides of the branch, and apparently the coyotes have worked their way in this far. Now that they've killed all the small mammals (nobody's seen fox, deer, groundhogs, raccoons, etc., either), I guess they'll have to move further inward.

Now to start washing the cat blankies that I usually do on Mondays.
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