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Shiva Has No Teeth

He was really zonked out from pain meds when I brought him home and is sitting in my tile shower, I think for coolness.

We got there at 11:30, 30 minutes early, but didn't see the dentist until we'd been there 75 minutes. He took one look at Shiva's mouth and said "Those all have to come out." We did the discussing and then I signed a release and headed off to run some errands. I went to Star's Beads and I really didn't see very much new interesting stuff this time. She's cut her seeds in half and given that space to Hill Tribe silver, but not much else. I did buy some abalone carved flowers.

Then I went to Knossos for lunch to have souvlaki from a real Greek place. That was good. I stopped by the bakery next door and got a cinnamon roll for later. Then I went to Cox Farms and found they don't have a plant thing I need and that the other place I'd thought to try had closed. So I headed back up Maple Ave. looking for a florist or craft store. I hit a Michael's first and got them there, plus some yarn I need. I'd started having to stop every few steps to stabilize so I went back to the dental vets.

I took in two old WashPosts with me. My feet hurt a lot so I asked if I might take my shoes off and she said yes. As I sat down to start the papers, I saw a binder on their coffee table about their work at the National Zoo -- apparently they do all the mammal dental work -- the most well-known would be Tai Shan, the panda young'un. I finished the WPs about fifteen minutes before he was ready to go and we left at 5:45pm and got home at 6:45pm. I have syringes to squirt into his mouth for pain twice a day, if needed, and have to watch for attitude and drinking. He definitely has the attitude, but I just tried to get him to eat very watery AD slurry and he wouldn't. I'll take some water down in a bit.

The dishwasher just finished washing and they should air dry in a few minutes (from the heat when I opened it). Then I can put the birdfeeder in and wash it. It has green mold on it from all the rain. I brought it in before I left and poured a lot of seed on the porch. When I got back, it was gone and a little squirrel was trying to get my metal seed can open. I walked over and we looked at each other (he turned his head so he saw me with both beady eyes) and he kept working on it. Then I tapped on the window and he left.

Spirit is not sure about either of us. I'm not sure she's ever been alone this long before.

I need to call tomorrow to get a follow-up in two weeks. I was pretty sure what days I had doctor appointments on that week, but figured I should come home and check.
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