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Reading By Flashlight

ETA: A friend who lives at the other end of the county sent his picture of the sinkhole.

I haven't done that in a long time, and our power hadn't gone out in more than a decade. I was getting ready for bed last night when the power went out and I went on -- putting in eyedrops, setting up the pillows, getting the book from the headboard -- and then realized I was going to need light to read. I got my windup flashlight and thought I should probably go pull the powersquids for the computer stuff and the TV stuff. I did that and then settled down to reading (tried the radio to see if anything exciting happened -- a big earthquake in China, 9K dead so far). Shiva walked in front of the flashlight once and made a nice shadow on the wall. I put the book away, the overnight blurring drops in my eyes and turned the flashlight off at 4:43 and the light by the bed came back on at 5:02am. I got up and plugged the TV powersquid back in -- the new VCR/DVD still had the programming to tape a soap opera today, but it didn't know what time it was. I gave the TV, VCR, and VCR/DVD the time and went back to bed.

We had an amazing amount of rain and wind last night, and since our power comes underground from the substation, either the substation went out or flooding got it. The other end of the county has a sinkhole, there's cars under water north of us, and lots of trees down. And then there's the tornados in NC, wildfires in FL, and snow in PA. Quite a day for weather.

I got groceries today and when I got home parked the car so I could get the side door open easily and put Shiva-in-cage there tomorrow. I have to get up early tomorrow and I'm yawning like crazy now. I think I'm taking a nap, but with the alarm clock. Shiva will only be near me in bed, and he keeps waking me up.
Tags: cats, power, weather

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