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Sleep is Queen

Apparently. I didn't sleep well last night -- I woke up with Shiva under the covers and he kept moving around and finally got out and lay down next to me, leaving me just enough room to turn over in place so I kept waking up. When the alarm went off, he dashed for the safe place in the back of the closet and I turned it off and slept for two more hours. I was up long enough to feed the cats (Spirit is learning she can't have the AD), put the paper in the right order, and watch Meet the Press, and yawned like crazy during the last 15 minutes of that. I was determined to stay awake and moved my reading glasses and a banana over to the desk but then without thinking, got the duvet and pillow out of the closet. So I went ahead and set the VCRs to watch TV and slept for 3.5 hours. I don't think this is benefiting having to get up early on Tuesday to take Shiva to the dental vet.
Tags: sleep

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