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Scouting For AD

First thing when I got up, I put on my bathrobe and came out to see if Shiva had eaten any dry food and he hadn't. That means he's two days behind starting dry food and the antibiotics aren't helping that, so I didn't give him any this morning (I'm just stopping two doses short of what the dental vet wanted). But then I used the last of the AD I had to make slurry for his breakfast, and I clearly needed more because that and ice cream are all he's eating. I remembered that Morganna, the place I've taken him these two times, was open on Saturday, but when I got there, it turned out they were only open until 2pm and I got up at 2pm today (and most of the week, I don't know why).

So I thought about the internal medicine vet, but they're not open on weekends, and that reminded me of the emergency vet hospital next door to them and I headed there. The AD there is more expensive, and since it's a medical food*, they had to start a chart, but I got five cans which would carry us beyond the dental vet visit on Tuesday (they may want him to have AD slurry, too).

I got money for the week and had Greek Salad and garlic bread at Tony's (brought half the garlic bread home). Luke is less stable than usual, so after I brought my mail, the AD, and the iced tea and garlic bread in, I knocked and got his keys and drove back down to get his mail. I separated it into junk and stuff he should read and put them perpendicular to each other so he'd know which is which. He told me this week when he was pushing his wheeled wire mesh cart with trash and newspapers that he walks a lot better with the cart and I said "You know what this means, it might be time for a walker." He looked at me and said with finality "We'll see." I wonder if needing a walker would propel him into assisted living.

We both got mail from Wegman's, an expensive grocery that I know is going up about 30 minutes away, and I assumed it was coupons or advertising, but it turned out to be a hiring notice. It came "To Our Neighbor" so I guess they're looking all over.

Shiva was hiding in the cage/shelter in the back of my closet this morning and I took his AD slurry there but when I got back in, he was in the castle. He lets me pet him there, but he's not coming out. I hope it's because he's still worried about meds rather than that he hurts a lot. Spirit wanted to be near him, so she's sitting on the lip outside the castle, as close to him as she can get.

*I looked at the ingredients on AD and the first three are water, pork liver, and poultry liver. The stuff is pate!
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