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Back To The Vet

Lucila came today (had to say home with Jesus yesterday -- he had a cold) and Shiva spent the entire time under the duvet cover in the recliner with me. Spirit never came to sit with us and just stayed in the castle. When Lucila left, I had some time online, but then had to get Shiva into the carrier (and one of his hairs into my left eye) and the carrier into the rolling crate. We got to the clinic and found that they had the accessible entrance closed because they were doing work on it, so I went up the curbcut and then to the other entrance and leaned forward and banged on the door. One of the assistants came and took the carrier in and then gave me an arm.

We waited a bit and I kept talking to him. He seemed to calm down, but he did like seeing another cat in a carrier. I don't think the other cat saw him. This is not the vet I saw last time -- she only works on Fridays -- and this one gave me another week of the antibiotics* and recommended we see a veterinary dentist because of his tooth disease. Shiva has gained seven ounces, which is good, and the assistant helped us back down to the parking lot.

I did stop for the mail on the way home -- I know I should have brought him home first and gone back, but I'm going to be taking pain meds tonight for lifting him around and I figured one less in and out of the van would be better. I called the vet dentist in Vienna (closer than Leesburg and I know where it is), but they close at 4pm. I'll call tomorrow.

I've flushed the hair out of my swollen eye and will eat as soon as I do a review.

*She seemed to elevate her opinion of me when I mentioned that he doesn't like the amoxicillin as much as the first antibiotic because it has a slight banana ester, but he ate faster and lasted longer after the amoxicillin so I'd take it. She probably doesn't have too many customers who talk about esters.
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