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More Reading Glasses!

I ordered another set today, same frames but purple, to keep at the desk. Then I just have to carry the red ones back and forth between the recliner and bed for a couple months until I buy the third pair. $37.90 including shipping for extra-strength reading glasses is really good!

Shiva is still avoiding me at cat breakfast time, but he slept cuddled up to me last night. I took some beads to the post office and got delivery confirmation on the ones I'm sending to replace a box that didn't arrive. I can't replace the materials, but I can send her equal value. Then I got groceries plus kitty litter and some OTC meds the doctors tell me to take. The bill started out at $101, but went down to $72 with sales and coupons. Still, yikes. I put the OTC meds in my medical database and they'll have some effect on my taxes, but I still have to pay for them now.

Lucila came by and said she can't clean tomorrow and how is Wednesday and I said that was fine. I was just going to take recycling out and I can do that when she's done.
Tags: cats, errands, glasses

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