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Oobleck on TV!

Yesterday, I was offline at 4:30, went straight to a nap in the recliner and woke up at 11:30. I watched the shows I'd taped Friday night, and Numbers had oobleck at the beginning and end! They called it "non-Newtonian fluid" but it was oobleck! Then I read some papers, went to bed and read more of Little Brother, and turned the light off at 7am. I set the alarm for 2pm and so far don't feel sleepy, and I hope that lasts.

Shiva is still not eating morning food with Spirit, I assume he'll have to wait a bit to realize I'm not going to give him more meds. I'm washing bed linens and putting new linens on, and every so often I'm vanishing into the workroom to work on a beadswap. It's a nice low-70s day today and the cats are watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder.
Tags: cats, housekeeping, tv

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