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Early Up

Which means I'll probably end up with a nap, since I was up late last night because I took a nap yesterday. I got five hours of sleep, which is usually too little. I had to get up early because today is Household Hazardous Waste day until noon at the transfer station and I needed to take the dead VCR. I could have waited another month, but it was taking up room in my workroom. Then as I left the transfer station, I decided I was going to drive to the east end of the county for Free Comic Book Day. I'd read Slate's reviews of the free comics and picked up Hulk/Iron Man, Hellboy, and Superman.

Then back to the credit union for money for next week and lunch at Tony's. One of the specials was gnocchi, which I really like, so I had that (comes with salad & garlic bread) and iced tea. I came home and after I took my shoes off, I tried to pet the cats, who were sitting in the recliner, but they both hid behind it. It'll take a while for them to trust me not to give Shiva medicine.
Tags: cats, errands, food
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