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Marilee J. Layman

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05:10 pm: Asimov's June 2008
Sheila's editorial talks more about what she likes in stories and Agberg talked about how we're using up metals. I found a number of the stories satisfying, but only one really interesting:

Call Back Yesterday by Nancy Kress -- juveniles in a mental health facility without windows suspect things are not as they look.

I would have liked Ian R. MacLeod's The Hob Carpet except, dear reader, for the florid and protracted descriptions in a prolonged narrative missive which invoked a manifest termination. (Okay, I frequently know the ends of stories near the beginning, but I think a six-year-old would get this. It would have been better as a pointed short story.)

A new author, Derek Kunsken, made a good beginning with Beneath Sunlit Shallows. I'll be looking for his next.

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