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Marilee J. Layman

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04:55 pm: Two More Doses!
Thank Ghu. I had to catch Shiva twice last night to give him the whole dose and came away with a claw hole and bruise at the base of my throat. This morning was not so exciting, but we'll both be glad when we're done with the amoxicillin. I called the clinic today and left a message for the vet -- telling her that he's gained all the weight back and is eating and elminating like crazy, and that his mouth looks fine to me. We'll see if she wants another week of meds.

I headed up to Kaiser Fair Oaks to get the screw back in my reading glasses -- I was there less than three minutes and round trip took more than 10 times that. I stopped at that Red Robin on the way back, though, and they no longer have pot roast burgers. :::sob::: The bacon guacamole burger was pretty good and I hear their other stuff is good, too. And it turns out the manager up there is right -- we are getting a RR near Davis Ford Crossing plus the one I stopped by. There's only about six miles between them, so I guess they think Manassas is a good demographic for them.

I stopped by the library to pick up Little Brother to start tonight. Shiva let me touch his head when I came back, but scooted back in the chair so I couldn't touch more of him.

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