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Mmmm Duck Red Curry

I took the trash and recycling out and then stopped at the Salvation Army to see if they had any small dining-height tables. I really do need to get something to put right at the entrance to the bedroom hallway, and a table could be used for other things, too. They didn't, but they had a triangle lift-coffee-table that they had in backwards so the lift was away from the sectional they had it in front of. They were too busy so I didn't tell them. I was the only "white" person there -- everybody else was black or obviously Hispanic. I haven't been there in five or six years, but it used to be mostly white customers.

Then I went to the Thai place where I had a coupon, to see if Rick & family would like it. I had Duck Red Curry which was wonderful! They've really decorated the place beautifully, too. Unfortunately, they have no American food, so my niece may refuse to go there. She's half-Chinese and likes only the blandest of American food.

Then I bought gas. Gracious. I'll be driving longer than usual tomorrow, too -- a screw came out of my reading glasses and I need to go up to the Kaiser clinic that has Vision Services for them to put it back in (I tried briefly last night, but it'll take a magnetic eyeglass screwdriver and I have one of each, but not both) and on the way back, pick up my copy of Little Brother which came into the library today. Excellent timing, since I should finish the Asimov's tonight.
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