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Making Changes

Not with the cat food -- it doesn't matter the order of feeding or giving meds, Shiva won't eat morning food. He's doing well with the dry food, though. I saw the feeder was empty this morning and planned to fill it after I got back from groceries and rested a bit, but then there was a line of birds and squirrels looking in the window. Just the mourning doves, I guess the other birds didn't think it was safe. So I went out and filled it, and noted that the squirrels had eaten the edges of the porch floor wood. Silly critters.

I went to get groceries today and bought some pre-made pasta salads (vinaigrettes instead of mayo) instead of new frozen food. They're a bit cheaper, although I don't know if they're any better for me. I had the cranky cashier again and asked her to balance my stuff between the two bags, but she put all the heavy stuff (half-gallon milk, bananas, the three pounds of pasta salads, onions, and more) all in one and the loaf of bread and cake slice in the other. I had to change them around before I carried them to the car.

I've been letting my hair grow a bit longer since I'm able to stand up in the shower long enough to wash it and the rest of me. It's long enough now that I have to clip the bangs back. I'll keep letting it grow until I hit having to get out and rest, and if slightly shorter than that looks good, I'll keep it there. Otherwise, it goes back to short.

Hmmm, a change I didn't expect. One of my neighbors just pulled up in a different car -- a black PT Cruiser. This probably explains why the two young men who live with her were carrying stuff out of the trunk of the old car yesterday.
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