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Amazing What the Sun Can Do

It's 68F today, which should be warm, but it's overcast and it's cold. I had to turn the heat on.

Our last BFAC auctions are today and we have some really wonderful pieces up. There's a real horn beaded over with a "Last Trail" picture plus a necklace, a fringy necklace and earrings, a beaded tapestry, a butterfly-beaded purse, an asymmetrically-strung onyx and bead necklace with added focal, a hip chain and beaded bead necklace, and a Saraguro-style netted necklace. Go see if you want any of them!

I fed the cats first today, but Shiva wouldn't come to eat and I still had to catch him for his meds. He's eating now, I can hear him eating the dry food, but it would be nice if he had the wet stuff, too, since he's the reason we started having it.

The dark-eyed junco does seem to have left, but I have four blackbirds who are using the feeder, too. I'll have to get more seed this week, and the price increased $2 for five pounds less, so it will be expensive.
Tags: auctions, birds, cats, weather

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