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Shiva Visits A New Vet

Well, I woke up at 9am, worried about him, and was still awake at 9:30 and called the Internal Medicine vets for a recommendation for a clinic. I got an appt for 11:30 and then called my regular vet to leave her a message that I'd done this, and she answered!

It turned out that she left the wrong message on her voicemail. She left the "I'm not available now, leave a message and I'll call back" instead of the "I'm out of town until Friday." She was really busy today anyway and was fine with me taking him to a clinic. She even faxed over his chart.

I've thought about this before -- how I would get a cat to a regular vet -- and I put Shiva in the one-kitty carrier, sat down, and then lowered it carefully (so it was in endwise and he was sitting up) into my collapsible rolling crate. This is how I get everything else in and out of the house. I warned him it would tilt and then pulled him out and down the ramp to the van. Then I sat in the back of the van (one of the reasons I'll have to get another van when this one dies) and lifted his carrier out and up, turning it back horizontal as I put it in the back space. I left the crate made up and put it in, too. That's how I got him in & out through all of this.

So I towed him into Morganna's and several of the female staff commented through the time we were there that that was very practical. I was glad because I didn't want to seem like I was being mean to him. The vet there had the other vet's bloodwork and did an exam and said it looked to her like it was just the ulcers, but asked if he'd been tested for Feline AIDS. He was before he came out of quarantine back in 2001 and I don't know how he could have gotten it here. But that's something
to think about if the antibiotics don't work. She gave me a stronger med (amoxicillin) that takes longer to get through and I'm to call her tomorrow and see if the steroid shot she gave him made him eat more. She said if the antibiotics don't work, the next step would be steroids. He's lost 1.5 pounds in the last two weeks.

So I brought him home, changed clothes to go out to run errands (I was covered with cat fur), and just as I was getting home from those, they called me and when I heard the name, I said "I forgot to pay you!" She said "Yes, but the doctor wanted you to take A/D home with you for him to try, too." My check had come in the mail (early -- they mailed it a day earlier than usual, which probably means they were delivering them late and paying too much penalty) so I put that in the bank and went and paid and got the food. I had to make it into a slurry, but he's having a go at it every 15 minutes or so.

One of my errands was to the library and I'll post about that next and then I'm taking a nap.
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