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Restaurant Trial and Baseball Question

I decided to try one of the restaurants with coupons today. I'd always thought of it as a boozy noisy place, although I don't know why, but I was right. The bar was full and the few people in the restaurant were mostly drinking liquor. The coupons' "Great for kids" was not true for kids I know. It was a bit dilapidated and there was a floor for a band & dancing with lights and disco ball. The steak & cheese with onion rings was good, though, and when I asked the young waiter what kind of bands they had, he ended up sitting with me and talking about music (leaving to seat more people). He didn't know what folk was and had only heard soft jazz, that abomination. So I sang bits of songs for him and while I didn't get the idea that he was really interested in the different styles of music (he didn't know who B.B. King was, but recognized "The City of New Orleans" and "Blowing in the Wind"), he was interested in knowing about them.

So we talked some more and he wants to go to college to be a psychiatrist but doesn't have any money and I told him he could work his way through or a lot of the Ivy League colleges are now giving grants instead of loans. He said he got a 3.5, which is pretty good. So I may go back -- the food was okay and he was interesting to talk to.

I turned out to be out of ice cream so I gave Shiva the "cream" part of a creamy chicken soup last night and he liked that. He didn't want skim milk today (I'd like him to have some protein), so I may have to open another creamy soup and join the veggies and chicken from the two for my dinner. The vet didn't return my call and when I called earlier, I got that her phone couldn't connect. I just tried again and left another message.

In the old WashPosts I was reading last night, there was a review of the eating places at the new stadium. I wasn't too interested because I don't expect to go, but then they had a rating system where I knew the ends -- Home Run and Error -- but not the relative positions of Run and Hit. I even read the reviews to see if I could tell the difference that way, and I couldn't. Anybody know?

And also in the papers, there was an ad to get a coupon from Allergan's Refresh Tears at and I've learned those are sometimes more general (I use the Refresh Celluvisc at night), so I looked it up. It is indeed more general -- $3 off any Refresh product -- so I printed one out and the prompt stayed up. I ended up printing 10 of them (expire 12/31/08) and although they do print the rest of the page black and you have to wait for it to dry before printing another on the back (other end in first), that's a good bit of savings. It made my black ink level go down about a quarter, which is about .70 and that's still a good deal. Maybe some of you are interested.
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