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Much Pain, Strange Dream

I'm still having trouble finding a way to get Shiva food without Spirit eating it. Maybe tomorrow I'll try two pouches and two dishes and see how that goes.

I woke up with a lot of pain today and went to get groceries, came home and got mail for me and Luke (our maillady is retiring next Friday -- I suppose things won't go as well for a while), then took pain meds and napped for five hours.

My last dream before I woke up was weird:

I had been in "my" house and then there was suddenly other people there (many of them you guys) and lots of extra furniture and electronics and when they were sure I was okay, most of them started leaving with their stuff. They'd taken care of me for at least a week, but they wouldn't tell me for what, and the cats were gone. I kept trying to figure out if I'd had a stroke or went crazy or what.

Now, I forgot to take the rehydration fluid yesterday and I'd only had meds and a glass of water at that point, so now I'm drinking a lot and will zap something. I really hope it isn't predictive!
Tags: cats, dream, health

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