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A New Bird!

I've had a new bird the last week and finally took the time to run one of the bird ID website and identify it -- it's a dark-eyed junco. It's 83F today and I have the windows open (not too hot when I had the AC on overnight until noon) and we have lots of birds and squirrels today. Shiva has been very happy about it. Spirit has been cuddling up to him.

I swapped the two serial splitters for the four-way and put the two two-way and the extra cable in my AV drawer. I took my friend AJ's descriptions for the boy scout auction items and printed them out on postcard paper and packed each item in something nice. I put them all in a box to give to the mother of the boy scout of whom I'm fond tomorrow at bookgroup. My bookgroup load is growing: the DVD player (if nobody wants it, I'll take it to the charity thrift shop), a totebag, the boy scout stuff, presents for our librarian/fan leader on our 6th anniversary (a hardcover copy of All Seated on the Ground and a copy of Jason Shiga's Bookhunter -- which I carefully read before wrapping it), my totebag, and the bookgroup book. Tomorrow I'll add a beadwork box and my non-BPA water bottle with the rehydration fluid in it. Good thing I have that collapsible rolling crate!

I feel pretty good today, I may try some form of cooking later. My labs were normal-for-me for the rheumatologist, but worse for the nephrologist -- my BUN is up again and my GFR down (means kidney disease is a little worse than it's been for a while), the ferritin and iron are both better than last time, but not normal, and my CO2 has dropped again, a lot. The blood sugar is down to 90, though, which is good.
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