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Cables and Cables

I'd had my earlier two VCRs, one DVD, and one TV set up so I could do a lot with one remote (a benefit of my TV) but that didn't work with the new DVD/VCR last night so it took me a while to cable it and I ended up using two splitters serially. Everything works -- both the DVD & VCR record and play, I was able to set it up so I could access the TV from the DVD/VCR remote, and, if the second VCR is on, change channels on it. I can record on one and watch the other. I put some .jpgs on a flashdrive and it showed me them, too. Won't show anything other than movies or .jpgs, though. I didn't try dubbing between DVD & VCR or editing a disc -- I don't think I'll use those and it's not important enough to test now. I got the DVD box down and packed it up.

I'd fasted after midnight (actually after 8pm, I wish I'd remembered earlier that I planned to do labs today) and the pain kept me awake. If I took the codeine, I would have slept all day and lost the benefit of the fasting. The twisting of cables made skin breaks on my right thumb and index finger, so the tips of those fingers have bright purple vet wrap on them. I finally got up at 9am and started running errands. What had originally been the lab and PetSmart extended to Radioshack (four-way splitter -- no three-way -- the clerk asked if I was just connecting my VCR to my TV and I thought a moment and said "trust me, I need this") then taking accummulated cardboard to recycling, then labs and PetSmart. A brief trip back to Circuit City to return something and I was so sleepy and had so much pain -- walking and standing -- that I knew if I came home I'd be in the recliner and not eat. I went sort of next door to Friday's and had a Cobb Salad and then came home at 1:20pm. By 1:30pm, I was in the recliner with the cats. I woke up at 6pm.

I'm not going out tomorrow so I'll swap the four-way splitter in tomorrow. I'm doing pretty well at using the remote without the directions, but I'll keep them by the recliner for a few more days.

Ah, my lipid panel just came back -- everything is where it's supposed to be except I'm still 6 points high on triglycerides. Not too bad.
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