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Good Mouf

I took trash and recycling out today and when I got back, gathered Shiva in a towel (and he didn't struggle) and got him to open his mouth for me. The top looks fine, and the sides of the bottom look good, but he yelled both times I touched his tongue so I could see under. I'll report to the vet tomorrow and see if I need to hold his tongue up or something.

My last two trips to Minicon, I noticed that both my big suitcase and my carryon weren't completely full (even with 16 old WashPosts this last time), so when I got a sale email from luggageonline, I bought a duffle with extending handle & wheels. It arrived today. Everything I usually put in the carryon will fit in there. I don't think I can fit everything else into the other carryon (and check it), but it does mean it will be easier to get the new carryon into the overhead and to carry it on my lap while I'm in the wheelchairs.

I've been tempted to put the DVD/VCR in earlier because the news has been all Pope all day, but other things online took my time so when I finish this, I'm going to go install.
Tags: cats, electronics, travel

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