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I feel like I'm not quite connected today, which is unusual because although I have new pain (the left side of my left foot -- the rheumatologist says this happens because I don't have enough flesh under my bones), I haven't taken pain meds.

I did, however, get the BFAC auctions up. There's a wonderful "Spam Guard" beaded doll, a great collar with cabochon, a lovely bead-embellished mermaid tapestry, a spectacular sunburst necklace, an amazing beaded bead necklace, a striking abstract necklace, and a flowery lampwork and bead bracelet.

I used the bathrobe protection to dose Shiva last night and this morning. Last night he slept snuggled up to the side of my legs, but today he's a little scared of me. He hasn't eaten a lot in the last day, and he hasn't pooped for two days. I'm debating calling the internal medicine vet tomorrow and seeing if they can see him and thus pay for two sets of bloodwork.

I'm reading The Carpetmakers for next Saturday's bookgroup. I'm a third of the way in, and nothing very interesting has happened yet. I should have known -- OSC "found" the author.
Tags: bfac, books, cats, health

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