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No Vet Call

She still hasn't called, so I called and left her a message. Her message says she won't listen to messages until she gets back on Tuesday, but I hope that's not true. Shiva does seem to be better -- I put the robe on over my clothes last night and gave him his antibiotic doses and after finishing online, went to bed.

Had the robe on again for his morning doses and he didn't try so hard to get away today. He still wouldn't eat the wet food, and I haven't seen him trying, but he's been having snackies and dry food.

It was blue when I left the house today, but as I got into the van, I saw dark clouds covering the west. I went to get money for next week and to pick up two books at the library. The really weird thing was that they turned out to be by the same author. The Zookeeper's Wife got a really good review in the WashPost and it's the third and last of the non-SF I put a hold on. I was 48th in the queue when I started so I knew it would be a couple of months before it was my turn. The other, An Alchemy of Mind, I put on hold because a friend's husband really liked it and I'm all for knowing about the mind. I put the hold on because both available copies were at the opposite ends of the county and I might as well have the library use the gas. So I was surprised to get in the car and find out they were both by Diane Ackerman. I looked at the back flap copy, and yes, it's even the same picture. Hmmmm.

As I headed to Tony's, the gray clouds started taking over. Tony's was really busy for that time of day, so I ordered and then asked a guy sitting alone at a big table if he was alone and if I could share the table, and that was okay with him. He turned out to be talkative -- told me about the IT work he was doing and his military days. I had Greek salad and garlic bread with cheese and brought most of the bread home for later. As I left, the first raindrops fell and then they started really falling -- I had to put my wipers on at extra high -- but as I stopped to get mail, they were less and there was some blue. Now it's blue again and very temperate.

The camera battery finished charging as I wrote that, so I've been off taking pictures of the items for the boy scout auction and then putting them up. These are just so my friend who is good with words (same friend as above) can give me descriptions to print for the auctioneer -- so I didn't worry too much about the photos:

1. - "Always Spring" a ruffled 1.5" ponytail holder

2. - "Orb of Power" a badge holder with extension wire -- the bit of bubblewrap you see sticking out at the right was to lift it up even because the clip made it angle down

3. - "Order of Beauty" a necklace with gold-colored freshwater pearls, red Swarovski bicones, and a dichroic donut pendant -- this is a little yellower than the actual item

And now on to LJ and ML.
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