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I Should Have Posted This...

...before my nap. I woke up in a lot of pain today -- the base of my right big toe and base of my right index finger are probably gout flares, and the right wrist pain and right knee clicking are osteo, but I think my right shoulder is catching Shiva.

He stopped grazing last night about 10pm -- I think the steroid shot wore off -- but was very loving at night again. It was 81 today so I planned to wear one of the new tops I bought and I decided I should stop before I put outer clothes on, put my robe on, and catch him for meds rather than chance the top being damaged. I did that, and it turns out he still doesn't want me to open his mouth, but if I show him the syringe, he'll open the front of his mouth enough that I can put it in. He has to get two doses at a time. Then I got dressed and came out to feed them and he was very enthusiastic about that, too, until I put the dish down and he ate a bite and dashed off. He ate snackies and finished the dish later on.

I went out to have lunch. Sometimes I just really need cheese fries, and a half-portion at Glory Days fills the kind of oval platter that most places use for a dinner. I discriminately ate it down to toaster-oven size and will have the rest soon. When I came in, there were four moms and four kids (two boys, two girls) and they were all having a lot of fun without being difficult. They were very creative playing with plastic sharks, which seemed to come with their ice cream sundaes. I was facing a screen with ESPN Headlines and every so often across the bottom would run "So-and-so to announce future in conf. Monday" and I kept thinking, now that would be a great conference!

I came home and started online but hurt so much by 5pm that I took pain meds and napped. A very close thunderboomer woke me up at 10pm. Shiva insisted on fresh dry food, so I threw out the Meow Mix and special Science Diet from yesterday, washed and dryed the dish, and put down some normal Science Diet dry food and he started eating. Maybe antibiotics work faster in cats.

I've been catching up online and moving laundry around and such and will now be up late reading LJ and ML. I never heard from the vet, so I'll call her tomorrow. If she has any sense, she'll have her phone off in class.
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