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Shiva and the Vet

He hadn't eaten in 24 hours and his face looked smaller, so I called the vet a bit before 8am and left a message. Then I went back to sleep and when I got up, he still wasn't eating. I had used the last of a box of kitty litter last night and so used it as a container for the papers I shredded and was on the way out with that to the mixed paper recycling when the vet called back. She said that it sounded like nausea and usually that's from renal failure. My heart sank. She said she'd be here about 3:30-4:00.

I went on and took the paper to recycling and when I came back got the carrier (and the little piece I glued last night) out of the storeroom and put a towel in the bottom. It's really hot today -- I got up partway through last night to turn the AC on and when I went out, I had the windows down and was thinking that the people with their windows up and AC on in their cars were overdoing it, but on the way back, I had the AC on, too. But the condo was cool enough when I got back that I turned the AC off and opened the windows. Shiva loves open windows.

I did online things until I saw the vet coming and I put Shiva in the carrier (and got a couple of scratches in the process). She took him out and I not only heard him making his "why am I here" noise over the engine, he screamed twice. She brought him back in and said that normally she wouldn't say a cat wouldn't eat because of their mouth, but that was until she saw his mouth. One of the screams was when she gently touched an ulcer and she said he tried to turn himself inside out. His mouth is full of ulcers and she gave him a shot of a mild steroid and the first dose of an antibiotic drop, both of which he took well. I had her go ahead and draw blood, just in case. She's leaving for a continuing education class tomorrow, but changes planes in Charlottesville and will check the blood results there and call me.

I paid and she went out to the mobile clinic and as soon as she left, he came out and ate. A few bites, but he ate! I called her rather than dashing out, and told her and she said that was an excellent sign. I hope it really is just his mouth. I mean, it's awful that he has ulcers all over his mouth, but that's treatable.

I may not install the new DVD/VCR tonight -- I'll be home tomorrow, too, without screaming cats and a vet. And I should eat now.
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