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Catfood Roulette

I had a bit of cheese before bed and Shiva ate all three pieces I put down for them. He kept cuddling up with me last night, but was stand-offish today. He never had any wet food or snackies.

I took newspapers to recycling, then went to Circuit City to look at DVD/VCR remotes. I found a remote I think I can handle, and the DVD/VCR was an internet return so it was cheaper than usual. I'll read the manual tonight and hook it up tomorrow.

Then I had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse, which I had a coupon for, and enjoyed Southern Fried Catfish with a salad and broccoli. Two yeast rolls, but only two peanuts (a pail of peanuts on each table). The entrance to the restaurant is on the opposite side from the parking lot and you have to walk on an uneven board deck surface (it's suspended over a catchwater pool), and I was thinking Rick and family and I would go there when they come in May and I should check it again.

Then on to PetSmart where I got more wet food and snackies, plus a small bag of a new type of Science Diet. I stopped for the mail on the way in, and Shiva was waiting at the door. He was very enthusiastic when I washed the dish, and nudged his head in when I put the SD on half the dish, but wouldn't eat. I put Meow Mix on the other half and he had one bite.

I had a stiff envelope from Kaiser and I was thinking it was a brochure or something, but no, it's an occult stool collection kit with USPS-approved return envelope. It is time to do it again, but I wasn't expecting to get it in the mail.

Then when I was gathering what I needed to glue some beadwork to a finding (small project) in the workroom, I heard Shiva bark twice. When I came out, he and Spirit both came out of my bathroom to look at me as if nothing had happened. I went out on the porch because of the glue fumes, but haven't heard anything else from them.
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