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More Overcast

Apparently we're to have sunshine later this week, but it's overcast again. No rain yet, though.

Shiva was sleeping at the bottom of the bed when I got up and he rubbed against me all the way through getting up to when I was putting chicken and wet food on a plate. He and Spirit ate from the same plate for about 30 seconds and then he dashed off. He wouldn't have any snackies (and he knew Lucila was coming, so he went to the castle) so I took the rest of what was on the plate to the castle and he ate some there. He stopped eating, so I put plastic wrap over it and put it in the fridge.

I not only slept through Lucila's cleaning, but she had to go home for something (just the next building) and I didn't wake up. Shiva came and slept under the duvet in the recliner with me, and before I went to sleep, Spirit was disemboweling the post on top of the castle. They've never been out before when Lucila was here and she was surprised to see how big Shiva is. After Lucila left, I warmed up the plate I'd put in the fridge and put it on the kitchen floor and Spirit started on it and then Shiva dashed in for a bite a couple of times. I wish I knew why he's so worried about eating.
Tags: cats, weather

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