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Marilee J. Layman

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07:23 pm: Mating Season
When I put the living room honeycomb shades up today, I thought I had four pairs of courting mourning doves (the males chasing the females and trying to get close enough to peck the top of their heads), but one pair of them turned out to be robins!

The last two evenings, Shiva has been making room for Spirit to tuck up with him when he sleeps in the recliner or the couch, which is good. Shiva slept under the covers with me twice last night and was still at the bottom of the bed when I got up. When I started getting their food, though, he headed for the bedroom. I made two plates, both with chicken and wet food, and gave Spirit one on the kitchen floor and took the other toward the bedroom. Shiva ended up under an end table in the living room and I left the plate with him, but he wouldn't eat any until Spirit had some from that plate, and then he just ate a bit.

This is reminding me of the emergency foster teen who ended up living with me for three years -- her folks abused her in many ways, but one of the most unexpected was that they made her eat truly inedible things. They thought it was funny to watch her try to swallow non-food or even somewhat toxic items. So I always had to bring the serving dish to the table and eat some myself before she would. I also had to name what I was making and since I rarely used recipes, I became quite inventive.

Shiva was fine here until Giorgio died, so I don't think that's it. But today, he seemed afraid of what I was serving him. I went to get groceries and also bought a small bag of Meow Mix. Not the best dry food for cats, but it would show if the not-eating dry food was flavor, and when I got home, they both dashed over when I opened the bag. They ate two handfuls dropped on the laminate with Shiva eating most of it. I put some on top of the regular food in their dry food dish that's in the dining room/computer room/office. Tomorrow, I'm going to try one plate in the kitchen for the chicken/wet food and see what happens.

The ant bait thingies are not working, at least partly because the ants found a new way in, next to the refrigerator, so as long as the cats' plates were elsewhere and they were sleeping in the recliner, I sprayed. I don't like using spray, but I can't have the ants, either.

I've used three handkerchiefs while typing this -- I just changed the vacuum cleaner bag without putting a mask on. The vacuum gets used so rarely I'll probably forget next time, too.

I looked at VCRs again last night and the two new ones on Amazon are pictures of the boxes. I need to see the remote (the almost-dead VCR's remote is the only one small enough that I can use it with one hand) before I buy. So I'm thinking that when I run errands in that direction on Wednesday, I'll stop by Circuit City and look at VCR/DVD remotes.

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Date:April 10th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
Hi Marilee, don delny from making light here.

I used to use an 'organic' bugkiller made from clove oil, sesame oil, and lanolin. It was commercially made, and sadly I don't have the packaging to tell you what it's called. Anyway, it's harmless to humans and animals, since it works by disrupting a neurotransmitter only insects have. The downside is that it makes one's house smell strongly like an oven roasted ham. Novel for the first half hour, but positively annoying after a day. The odor can last several weeks. The effect is pretty startling - they run, twitch, and curl within seconds.

The story of the foster teen was quite startling and moving. I scarcely know what to say. I hope things turned out okay?
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Date:April 10th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC)
I'll have to look for that next year. I just need to put down a narrow line at the base of the kitchen wall that is on the outside, so maybe it won't be too bad.

She married an older young man and seemed quite happy at first, even though he was making her wear clothes two sizes too big and no makeup, so no other guy would like her. But I haven't heard from them in probably 15 years now, so I don't know beyond that.
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