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The Birds and the Cats and the Auctions

I put up some great BFAC auctions today -- two great dolls, an unusual evening purse, a wooly worm bracelet, and three necklaces: one is Native-American inspired, one uses the African Helix stitch, and one has a realistic butterfly.

The house finches have had their first batch of fledglings so the porch seems constantly covered with birds and I keep refilling the birdfeeder.

I forgot to say about Shiva eating yesterday -- he was very interested in me, came and rubbed my legs while I took morning meds, and was eager to eat, but when I put down one plate (not thinking), he dashed away. He had a bit of snackies and the end of what was in the plate, but neither ever ate any dry food. Last night, he kept waking me up, rubbing my face and purring, and if I'd actually woken up, I'd've realized he was hungry. But this morning, he stayed in the castle until well after feeding time. I made two plates, both with chicken and wet food, and put one on the floor of the kitchen for Spirit and one on the entryway to the castle. Spirit finished hers, ate most of the snackies, and most of his plate. Shiva came out of the castle when I started up at the desk for the auctions, and I moved his plate to the floor and he then ate what was left on it and the rest of the snackies. I dumped the dry food, washed the plate, put more in, and moved it to the dining room because I wondered if the ant bait thing bothered him (it hasn't other years). He had two mouthfuls and then went to sit on the heating pad. I'll try two plates again tomorrow and see what happens. I'm going to Petsmart Wednesday and I think I'll get a small bag of a different flavor of Science Diet and see what happens.
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