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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Feeding problems again today, but I watched carefully as I ended up giving Spirit the dish with everything and then recently when I put the dry food out. Shiva is not willing to touch anything he might have to share with Spirit. He happily ate dry food off the closet floor -- food that's been there, some of it, for months -- but is hesitating about eating the dry food in the dish. And we only have wet food because he didn't know what dry food was when he moved in! Separating them won't work, so I think I'll need some Valium. For Shiva.

I went to get gas today and noticed it was 54 and put on my spring/fall coat. Bad choice (like just about everybody else out today) -- not only did it start to rain, but it was really cold. My gas cap sits in a niche on the inside of the gas door while I fill the tank, and my hands were so cold I dropped it. Fortunately, it rolled mostly to the other side and I got it with the reacher I keep in the van. I was craving pulled pork and stopped at the Red Hot & Blue Express for a sandwich and iced tea.

When I got home, the birdfeeder was empty again, so I filled it. I'm getting more and more birds of different types. The mulch that was put down was no match for the moss that had been growing on the top of the old mulch -- the sphorocytes are sticking up through the new moss. The maple near the mailboxes is blooming and the wings are soft and small. Forsythia is blooming, too. Our mandatory water restrictions have been lifted, so when it stops being so cold at night, I can check the impeller and start the porch fountain up again.
Tags: cats, errands, weather

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