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My newer VCR is starting to make almost-dead sounds (I use it almost every day) and it's almost exactly seven years old (I was thinking it was newer). So I figured the choice was a new VCR or an unaffiliated DVR, and I expected I'd end up with a VCR. Well, I've just spent a mostly fruitless hour searching, so I'm asking for help.

I have a DVD, so I only need a VCR, but those are almost impossible to find at consumer-TV level. Lots of very expensive ones for security systems.

Almost all DVRs are associated with a plan and a dish or phone line. I don't want to pay for the extras, I can program one like I've been programming VCRs for years.

There is a third possibility -- I can buy a consumer-level VCR/DVD and sell/give my DVD, but I'd really like to just add one new component.

Anybody have ideas?

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