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Weird Happenings Day

The guy who'd been selling me the Sqwincher Lite had been making the offer again each time, and when I emailed him on Saturday to take him up on it, he filled the order, but didn't make the offer. The "stix" came today and it was from a third party, so I checked eBay and he isn't selling there, either.

I had decided to just put pouch stuff on Shiva's plate this morning, and I carefully opened the pouch before the fridge, but as I was opening it, he dashed away again. So I put the chicken on and the pouch all on the one plate. He stayed away. He stayed away for snackies.

I took trash and recycling out and then ate at Ruby Tuesday's. I took a CD with me for the waitress I usually have. During an earlier visit, we'd heard a mariachi version of The Kinks' Come Dancing in their music and I thought it was interesting, though not something I'd buy. She thought it was awful and I talked to her about the original, so I took the compilation CD, Come Dancing - The Best of the Kinks, with me today and stuck my card in the case so she could email me when she was ready for me to pick it up. I figured that was all there was to it, but she came by while I was eating and told me she thought she should loan me something I hadn't heard and we went through what I liked and then she asked if I'd heard Cowboy Mouth. I hadn't, although I'd heard of them, so when she's done listening to The Kinks, she'll loan me a Cowboy Mouth CD. I always feel bad when people think they have to do something back because of something I've done. But maybe I'll like Cowboy Mouth.

There was a looooong detour on the way home and when I got back, I started looking for new suppliers of Sqwincher Lite -- the 50 count bag because the case is too expensive all at once. I found two good ones, but also had Amazon come up. It's one of their third-party suppliers and it's substantially more expensive than the other two. Then I noticed the "two new and/or used" bit and went to look. One is the same price as the first third-party, but the other was almost nine times as much. That had to be the case. I tried contacting Amazon via email to tell them they had the wrong item linked there, but they required an order number for that. So I called (you give them your phone number, they call you and connect you with someone -- my someone was clearly in a place with little children and had an accent) and explained. It took me a while to get her to understand that I didn't have a problem with an order, that there was a problem with an item listing. So when she finally understood, she offered me the number of the supplier so I could have them change it. I very carefully said "Doesn't Amazon care that the extra supplier isn't selling the same item as shown on the Amazon page?" She said "Yes," and I said "So I would expect you to notify them." She put me on hold for about 10 minutes and then came back and said she'd passed it to the marketing team who would take care of it. Amazon is getting weirder all the time.

Just before I sat down to start this, I moved some laundry around and also got some treats that my friend Doris sent. I was beginning to wonder if Shiva just hated the food. He thought the treats were great when I dropped some on the floor and on the heating pad, but when Spirit jumped up to have some, too, he barked and dashed to the bedroom. I think it's definitely Spirit. He's just getting crowded. I'm going to try something that probably won't work -- he's in the bedroom closet and I'll put a pouch in the bedroom and shut the door. I think he may be too worried about being shut in to eat. I've tried separating Spirit before and that bothered him too much to eat (if she's in a room, maybe he will be!). I may need vet advice for this.
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