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Marilee J. Layman

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07:33 pm: Late Wakening
I spent a lot of time yesterday evening telling myself that I didn't really need a nap, but clearly I did because the alarm was off and it was 3pm when I woke up. Good thing I planned to stay home today!

I figured out one of the problems with Shiva -- he seems to think I'm chasing him when I carry the plate around. I tried warming the chicken today and that didn't work so I'm going to try two plates tomorrow -- one with both pouch stuff and chicken and one with just pouch stuff.

We have ants in the kitchen -- new mulch the end of last week and it always brings ants in. I put the ant bait thingie down; that usually works.

I hope to be done online early enough to read both an old Saturday and old Sunday WashPost tonight.

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