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The Gray Day

March seems to be happening backwards. We're going to have rain off and on this next week, too. We can use the rain, but it makes me hurt.

Tibetans have been demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy in DC, but today, some of the Chinese folk were making rude gestures and laughing from the embassy windows and a few of the young protesters rushed the door and knocked down a barrier (the kind that looks like bike parking spots) so the police brought in buses to remove the protesters.

Shiva was even stranger this morning -- he was in the castle when I came out and when I went into the kitchen, he dashed down to the safe haven carrier. I just put the food down for Spirit and went to see if he'd come, but as soon as he knew I'd seen him in the carrier, he dashed to behind the recliner. He hasn't been nearly as active as usual the last two days -- hasn't been sitting on the computer for petting, hasn't asked for brushing -- he's just been sitting on the heating pad. I don't know if he's eaten anything at all today. I'm going to be home tomorrow, so I'll watch more carefully and will have to decide if I trust the current doctor or should ask the internal medicine folk for a recommendation.

I got groceries today and offered the cashier good luck for the union contract voting tomorrow. I'm washing cat blankies and expect a calm rest of the day.
Tags: cats, errands, politics, weather

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