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Minicon 43 Saturday

I was down at the tables again a bit before noon and we did the getting t-shirts and laying them out. I brought crocheting and an old Sunday WashPost -- they take longer to read -- and things were pretty much as usual. People bought t-shirts, I sent people off to volunteer, and I answered questions. Keith brought Carol and me pizza (the consuite is very good about feeding people who are sitting at tables most of the day -- I'd forgotten to ask for the gumbo on Friday, though) and we spelled each other for bathroom breaks.

I'd seen someone on Friday from the back at a distance who reminded me of someone who is a mutual friend here on LJ and lives in DC, but I figured he would have told me he was coming. Then he showed up in front of my table! stevendj had come to Minicon and we talked a good bit. I asked if he wanted to have dinner together and we agreed to meet after I closed up at 6pm.

He was there at 6pm and we discussed the fact that neither of us had cars and he would particularly like to go out. Peer was at the Dinner Expeditions sign, but he doesn't have a car either, so he declined to go with us. Steven remembered that Nate was going out, so we went down to the lobby where we caught Louie and then Nate and figured out there was enough car space for all of us (two cars). I went upstairs and changed to shoes and got my coat and back down as quickly as I could and then we loaded up and headed for The Great Wall of China. Unfortunately, it took long enough to get there that Eric and Peggy had to order to go and head on back to the con. So the four of us had Chinese food, talked, and read our fortunes to each other. Nate's and Louie's were sort of general, but Steven and mine were more specific and not entirely accurate.

As we got back to the hotel (Louie kindly drove us to the main entrance since I have trouble with steps), Nate said he needed to contact Andra who was his GoH contact about getting equipment down from the room to the concert stage. I didn't have Andra's number on my secret phone list, but I had her husband, Keith's, and called him. Keith said he would help although later I got a call from him -- it looked like he and Nate didn't quite meet up at the same time, but the equipment was down there when I got to the concert. First, I went upstairs, changed back to slippers, and went to the LJ party for a bit where I looked at Laurel's OLPC. Then I went down for the last half of Nate and Louie's concert, which was very good. For their closing number, Louie did "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and I was humming that and improvising the rest of the con. Then up to the room to put my feet up and read more old WashPosts.
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