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A Dragon and a Dragonfly To See!

And bid for the dragon! I just put up this week's BFAC auctions and while we have some really great jewelry this week, you have to look at the bead-sculptured dragon! Jen's speciality is bead sculpture and she's really outdone herself this year.

The dragonfly is handmade, articulated, beautiful, and costs as much as a small car.

Cat breakfast was weird again. Shiva stayed on the bed until I finished meds and was heading to the kitchen, but he then headed for the safe haven carrier in the back of my closet. I wasn't going to bring him a dish down there, so I just got the single dish for Spirit and put out snackies. Shiva came out before (hmmm, dogs chasing each other down the street -- not a good thing) the dish was empty, but wouldn't eat any. I did get a different kind of pouch this time -- these are little bites instead of chunks, but they've had that before and nobody argued. Maybe I'll try warming the chicken tomorrow.
Tags: bfac, cats

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