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I Need A Word...

...for turning off the alarm without waking up. I did it again today and didn't get up until 2pm. I still hurt a lot, probably the weather since it will rain again soon.

I tried the two dishes for the cats again, this time washing my hands and glasses and getting the newspaper in before I put them down, so Spirit wouldn't keep leaving the kitchen as I invaded her eating space. Things looked good until Shiva barked at the food and sat back in the castle. He stepped out over it and went to sit in the heating pad window so I put out snackies and then let Spirit have a go at it. When I took the rest back into the kitchen, he left and went to the bedroom, so I just put it on the floor. I'm not sure who ate it.

I went and got money for the week from the ATM and then had a slice of tomato and mushroom focacia (big slices) and iced tea at Tony's. I came home to start the laundry I should have done yesterday.
Tags: cats, errands

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