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The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross

This is the third book in the Merchant Princes Saga (I've probably got the word arrangement wrong). Here are my reviews of The Family Trade and Hidden Family.

Miriam feels trapped and does something really stupid, which makes her really trapped. A prisoner, in fact, in world one. The other plot line happens in world two, our world, where an FBI agent, who happens to know Miriam, catches Matthias the traitor. Matthias planned on Witness Protection, not being turned over to the NSA. Most of the excitement occurs with Matthias and our FBI agent Matt in this book where we see just what levels of torture and mistreatment our government will go to. Back with Miriam, she learns she is to either marry the King's idiot son or her mother will be killed. Nice blackmail. She tries to figure out what to do when things do themselves, quite explosively. Another book where I kept wanting to read more than my eyes would stay open. Highly recommended.
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