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Minicon 43 Wednesday

I had stayed up all Tuesday night and the cab arrived at 6:30am. My checked baggage was two pounds over, and since I was taking pound bags of nuts and chocolates and such, it was easy to move two of those to my carry-on. I asked for a wheelchair pusher with a large chair and sat on the traditional air handler seats. The young woman who pushed me was very aggressive going across the security lines to get me to the front of a short one and I got my shoes off and through, but I could tell the x-ray guy was looking at my carry-on when he called a supervisor over. The supervisor was very nice and asked to look in my bag and I said okay. It turns out they were looking for the roll of dollar coins I had in the carry-on (the other roll was in a different shape in my wallet). Nobody's caught that before. I got to the gate in time to read an old WashPost before boarding (I brought 16 old WashPosts and came home with a half of one so I'm now only two weeks behind) and took my usual early entrance to the ramp. The woman behind me was trying to keep her kids from rushing ahead of me and I'm glad she did because I was more unstable than usual at the little steep ramps.

It was the usual 320 with lots of kids (Easter, I suppose), and I got two more papers read in the air and slept very briefly. I had the usual cart-ride to the mall-outside interface and then a pusher again. He was not trained well -- you never push someone forward out an elevator because the little wheels might get caught in the gap and mine did and I almost fell out before he pulled back. I waited for the hotel shuttle and read most of another paper. The hotel checked me into the "Club" level and I just commented that I hadn't been there before, and he said the lower level handicapped rooms weren't clean yet. I was right next to the Club Lounge, which was not noisy (less than some neighbors in the other handicapped room next to me on the other floor) but was amazingly hot.

I tabbed the thermostat down, got undressed, and napped for four hours. I woke up even hotter with heat rash in several places (skin is still peeling). I got dressed and stopped at the desk to ask for an engineer to check the heat and then took a cab to cakmpls's house for the work party. It was fun to see lots of people again after a year, and while I had some great chili and lots of talk, plus a little cat-petting, I never did work. I got a cab to the hotel and found a note from the engineer: "Open the window." You can only open windows in that tower (and I think all the handicapped rooms are in that tower in a stack, too) so I did, and ended up leaving it open the entire week to keep the room somewhere near 70F. I finished the paper, and went to bed.
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